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Enjoy a Calendar delivering nice and fresh jigsaw puzzle every day
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27 February 2015

Editor's review

Puzzle games have always been grabbed the eyeballs of people seeking logical and brain teasing games. These games are easy to handle and don’t include any complicated controls to handle. If you are also among those who simply love to take on challenging puzzles during your spare time, then you must have some good puzzle games stored at your PC. However, you must have been bored out of playing those available puzzle games again and again, and sometimes you can actually mug up the solutions of those games. So, it’s time to try out something new and challenging in the puzzle games category in the guise of Everyday Jigsaw 1.0.6. The game really tests out your swaggering neurons, as it tenders you with offering new game every day. It provides you with a variety of puzzle games, where you just need to browse through, and make the game selection.

On launch the Everyday Jigsaw 1.0.6 displays a vibrant colored program screen that is strikingly appealing. It provides you with variety of puzzles which certainly would take your boredom away. The utility includes the ‘Calendar’ feature that provides gamers with a new puzzle every day. Browsing through the various puzzle game, you can select the desired one and enjoy playing and solving the presented puzzle. It, everyday, places a new challenge in front you, for completely recompiling the puzzle images. Place the correct image pieces at the suitable position. Even it enables you to form new puzzles with your personal images, which even can be played or shared with friends and family. The software presents varieties of puzzles are almost above 500 in counts.

With the jigsaw Everyday Jigsaw 1.0, you can effortlessly browse through different puzzle games and enjoy while solving them. The program has been assigned 3.5 rating points for convenient selections process, easily operable features and smooth game-play.

Publisher's description

A puzzle a day keeps the boredom away! How about a fresh and delightful jigsaw puzzle delivered to you every day? How about browsing a Treasury of eye-catching puzzles and getting ones you like to play with just a mouse click? How about turning your family photos and travel pics into beautiful jigsaws and sharing it with friends? Well, how about a FREE game with all these features? We've got it - Everyday Jigsaw, your personal jigsaw puzzle extravaganza. Now with over 17000 puzzles!
Everyday Jigsaw
Everyday Jigsaw
Version 1.6.2
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Gloria Pereira
I`ve had this game for years. Now it`s not working. I don`t know what`s happening. I rate this game a 5 star game.
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